The UK is set for significant growth within the next year…

This is an investment opportunity that is unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England has forecast significant growth this year which is likely to reach 7.25%, the highest rate since WW2. This follows a significant contraction on 2020, primarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, this prediction is more of a bounce back than a boom scenario, but it still presents an interesting scenario from an investment perspective as its driving the value of the UKs top 100 companies. The FTSE has grown by 20% since October 2020, and this growth is forecast to continue in 2021. To what level is the key question that everyone is trying to answer, but some predict levels north of 7,500.

With the right investment strategy and advice, appropriate to your appetite for risk, there is every reason to think that one could take advantage of this rather unique investment scenario. However, planning is important so that the inherent risks associated with investing can be minimised, but the outlook is generally positive from an economic perspective.

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