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We are fully independent

We are fully independent and directly authorised by the FCA. This means we are able to give you the most appropriate advice to you without being restricted by commercial agreements.

Your interests come first

Our whole philosophy is borne out of many years' experience working in a professional practice environment. Our existing clients would confirm our ongoing commitment to this philosophy.

We are highly qualified

Continual professional development is an expectation all of our team place upon themselves regardless of how qualified they already are, not just as a requirement for qualified advisers.

Trust is core to our service

Our clients have told us that trust is absolutely essential for them, therefore we hold ourselves to this value and only ever act in our clients’ interest.

Integrity and transparency

We are committed to always explaining our fees and our regulatory obligations before any work is carried out.

Our Services

We can advise every client according to their individual situation, without being limited by commercial agreements.

Financial Planning

Our approach is to develop individual wealth, pension and investment strategies focused on the longer-term life objectives of each client, and design a balanced portfolio to deliver on these.

In-so-doing we aim to shield our clients, for the most part, from any short-term volatility that can affect performance. To deliver on this we work with each client to develop a well-balanced and diversified portfolio, without incurring undue levels of risk.


Our role here at Berkshire IFA is to advise clients when and if it is appropriate to invest, and whether it aligns with their long-term life goals.

If investments are appropriate for our client's objectives, we work to build an investment strategy that matches their appetite for risk, or provide advice on whether another option may meet their requirements more closely.

Education Funding

We are experienced in facilitating school or university fee planning for local and national educational establishments.

We can also help our clients should they wish their children to go to a school or university abroad. Our approach is to set up a long-term plan to achieve the funding required, which is becoming increasingly expensive.

Tax Planning

Every individual currently has the potential for over £40,000 of tax-free allowances. All of us only have a finite working life, so maximising the amount that all of us realise is a critical component when considering one's annual net income.

It can define how much you can save, as well as your lifestyle. So, it's an area that we aim to help all of clients with. The influence it has on longer term life goal planning, retirement age and the manner in which you live is huge, so getting it right is one of the core services we offer.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a crucial part of tax planning and is often overlooked. Being taxed for your whole life is a reality everyone is all too familiar with, however it may not be your desire to be taxed again on your death.

With property prices getting ever higher, its increasingly common for the majority of the population in Berkshire to suffer this extra tax in the event of their death. Here at Berkshire IFA we aim to plan for these increases so any wealth you choose to pass on has the potential to be less affected by these taxes.

Your Future Financial Security

Financial planning acts as a vehicle to achieve your life goals - therefore it encompasses all our specialist areas above, as well as other aspects of our client's financial requirements that we regularly see and advise on. These include:

  • Other financial products or circumstances – ISA's, bonds, cash savings, investment trusts
  • Specialist property portfolio advice – buy-to-let properties, holiday homes
  • Employment scenario planning – contractors who require specialist advice, company directors, group pensions
  • Insurance – health, life and critical illness cover

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