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We are fully independent

We are fully independent and directly authorised by the FCA. This means we are able to give you the most appropriate advice to you without being restricted by commercial agreements.

Your interests come first

Our whole philosophy is borne out of many years' experience working in a professional practice environment. Our existing clients would confirm our ongoing commitment to this philosophy.

We are highly qualified

Continual professional development is an expectation all of our team place upon themselves regardless of how qualified they already are, not just as a requirement for qualified advisers.

Trust is core to our service

Our clients have told us that trust is absolutely essential for them, therefore we hold ourselves to this value and only ever act in our clients’ interest.

Integrity and transparency

We are committed to always explaining our fees and our regulatory obligations before any work is carried out.

Our Services

We can advise every client according to their individual situation, without being limited by commercial agreements.

Retirement Planning

We specialise in retirement and pension planning, and can advise on how best to plan for your future. Our clients all have individual requirements; some have one simple investment or solution and others have multiple pensions accumulated and want to know how best to meet their needs.

Whether you only have one modest pension, or are fortunate enough to have been able to save a substantial sum, we can guide you through the complex tax-free cash rules and drawdown income legislation.

This will allow you to maximise your opportunity for a comfortable and financially stable retirement.

Lifetime Allowance

The lifetime allowance is the maximum you can have in a pension arrangement, without suffering additional taxation when you withdraw pension benefits. If your pension is above or near £1,073,100, this is something to consider.

While this seems like a large amount of money, it is a scenario that is affecting people with final salary pensions and modest incomes with increasing frequency – as well as those with larger saving pots.

The rules for this are highly complex, but our strategy for managing exposure to these limits is designed to consider a client’s individual aspirations and circumstances. This allows us to help clients plan for a comfortable retirement.

Annual Allowance

If you are lucky enough to earn more than £200,000 a year you may be affected by the Annual Allowance reductions. We are pensions and investments specialists so can offer all clients parity of service and expertise, regardless of income levels. Our long-term approach means we account for any limits that our clients may encounter and ensure that their pension or portfolios are suited to individual situational requirements.

Final Salary or Company Pension Advice

Final salary pensions are becoming less common in these more fiscally challenging times. Those with final salary pensions are among a privileged few.

Therefore, with our expertise and ability to advise clients independently, we can help our clients enjoy their retirements by tailoring solutions which are suited to their individual situation.

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