International Women’s Day 2023

International Womens Day

Why Its Important for Women to Seek Financial Advice?

Today on International Women’s Day, we would like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on why it’s so important for Women in particular to seek financial advice, in person, from a Financial Planner rather than using one of the plethora of online tools that are available to everyone today.

Women face unique challenges when it comes to managing their income and planning for the future, including life events such as; motherhood, gaps in working life and retirement provision. This is particularly true of divorce, where the consequences can be longer lasting and cause a greater loss of income than they do with men. As a result, specialist advice is needed to take these into account.

Women tend to be less likely to engage in higher risk investment strategies than their male counter parts, leading to lower returns from investments. This is compounded by women’s generally longer lifespan.

Therefore, its essential that Women actively consult with an expert financial planner, like the team we have here at Berkshire IFA, to understand the risk-reward relationship and focus on investing based on the life goals being sought. Get in touch with one of the team today.



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