Whatever life throws at you…

Financial planning can make for a smoother journey and ultimately a better outcome.

Wherever you are on your life journey, separating from a partner or a spouse can be emotionally painful, but it doesn’t have to financially punishing as well.

Earlier in the year Melinda and Bill Gates announced that they have chosen to end their 27-year marriage. This will mean they had to engage in a $146 Billion asset split.

While most people won’t have these kinds of assets to divide up, this issue shines a spotlight on how crucial it is to get the right kind of financial planning in place as early as possible with these types of scenarios built into the contingency planning. It becomes increasingly important as time passes, because as assets and wealth is accumulated and lines of ownership begin to disappear any potential situation will become more complex.

Financial Planning will ensure that if a situation like this does arise, then it can be dealt with in as cost and time efficient manner as possible and won’t add to what can be what can be an emotionally taxing time.

Berkshire IFA Limited are able to help with this kind of long-term planning, before, during and after the event – and beyond into retirement. Our objective is to give our clients the very best opportunity to meet their life goals – even when they suddenly affected by significant life events such as divorce.

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