Mar/Apr 2023 Leaflet

A resource from Berkshire IFA

We are fully independent

We are fully independent and directly authorised by the FCA. This means we are able to give you the most appropriate advice to you without being restricted by commercial agreements.

Your interests come first

Our whole philosophy is borne out of many years' experience working in a professional practice environment. Our existing clients would confirm our ongoing commitment to this philosophy.

We are highly qualified

Continual professional development is an expectation all of our team place upon themselves regardless of how qualified they already are.

Trust is core to our service

Our clients have told us that trust is absolutely essential for them, therefore we hold ourselves to this value and only ever act in our clients’ interest.

Integrity and transparency

We are committed to always explaining our fees and our regulatory obligations before any work is carried out.

Financial Magazines and Guides…

Welcome to our Financial Resources Centre. We have made all our Magazines and Guides available to all our clients and potential clients alike. We have done this in the pursuit of helping everyone to build some understanding of how important it is to save, invest and therefore accumulate the necessary funds to increase the potential for enjoying a financially secure retirement.

Mar/Apr 2023 Leaflet